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July 2004

Family Photos

There are some neat sites out there that can post photos; Lindsay Warren, my 20-year-old niece, has a bunch online, and so does Jeff Warren. Lindsay's are at and you have to type in her email which is and Jeff's pictures are at Also, Dave Greeves' pictures are at but I can't remember the password for the life of me.

Missing C&W

Okay, today I'm missing the Computers & Writing conference down in beautiful Hawaii, but that's OK! Next week I go to the Knowledge Held Hostage Conference for free, so that's a good tradeoff. Meanwhile, I need to work hard at revising my webcam article after Byron's last set of comments, and I've got to get some books from the library, etc, etc., etc., Sheesh, this is a TO DO list! Well, anyway, I have been sleeping later than I want to these days, but having trouble getting to sleep, so I've started Kathy Reichs' Bare Bones after racing through the James Patterson paperback I recently swallowed whole. What is it about those books that I love reading so much ? Joachim is home on summer vacation, and he's pleasant to have around, singing all the time. I just wish he'd vary it from Morrissey stuff, as that can get old, even though it's not too bad music. I still like Sheryl Crow the best! Anyway. Gotta go, gotta work, gotta write, plus a shower would help!


Got up early from a phone call this a.m., but then ending up more awake than not. Probably heading to Edinboro today but maybe later than expected. Tom moved out yesterday--he seems excited! I would be (was), too, at that age. Haven't heard from my Edinboro boy. Hope to soon, am feeling the empty nest blues, I think. I wish it would stop raining. Ok, enough with the diary-like thoughts. I need to raise the rent a little on this blog.

ARE cell phone cameras a bad thing? I don't like their sneakiness quotient, but I love their instantaneous ability to take pix. I'm writing about their bad qualities, but I think webcams promote the more negative qualities than cell phone cameras.


Feeling tired when I wake up is no fun. I hate this. It takes me half a day to get even close to up and running. I need to write on my book but also finish my web/cell phone cam article for DTCC. Will do. Meanwhile, though, I'm going golf-cart riding with Dan this afternoon.