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Counting Christmas ...(or Festivus?)

It's a full house here, and getting even fuller tonight. Tom and Joachim and their cousin Jay have taken over the basement with two desktop computers and my old laptop to have a LAN party to play God-knows-what computer games. They seem to be enjoying themselves is all I can say. Nick and I tend to watch TV upstairs or are out doing things, Christmas shopping, going to movies, or whatever, or one of us is on the computer in my room. Emily arrives tonight, and we'll certainly have quite the housefull. I need to wrap presents, but I'll get to most of that tomorrow. We don't even have a Christmas tree up but we'll do that Christmas Eve in the day or early evening We don't usually do it that way, but are this time because it will include Emily a bit more in the festivities.

I've been reading the news online, and cracked up when I saw a reference to this Festivus sign in Barstow, Fla.  Then I looked a bit further and saw a few bigger sites: A Festivus for the Rest of Us, and then there's the Wikipedia on Festivus, and I'm sure there's more.

No Time for Contemplation

As I am in the throes of final revision for this as-yet-unnamed book, I realize how difficult it is for us nowadays to simply reflect. I would love to read new books, keep up with scholarship, but I'm not sure how it is with other composition teachers, but there's simply NO time. I wonder if I just don't manage my time well, but I don't know what other comp teachers do. I am working 24/7 it seems. Oh well, back to the mines. Next time I'll have something more significant to say.