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Blogging Entry

So this is my blog entry for all of you students who might visit, as well as any academics who end up visiting. I asked you all to write about (anything about) blogs in some way in your first blog entry, although for some of you, this won't be your first, at all. So I'll tell you about my background and/or interest in blogs. In 2004, I was one of the workshop presenters in a Blog U. (or was it U-Blog) Workshop at CCCC, the Conference for College Composition and Communication held in March every year. Last year I also participated, although I wasn't able to be there in person, and this year, I'm actually leading the workshop (yikes!). This workshop will be about Blog Basics, not so much advanced blog info. Today I gave everyone a handout that captured the first part of an Into the Blogosphere article by Miller and Shephard, and suggested that students use Blogger to start off with or they could use Myspace or whatever they want, as long as I am able to access the site. The workshop in which I participated in 2004 was full of really cool people who knew a lot more than I did about blogging, like Barclay Barrios and Jennifer Bay, but my handout wasn't too bad for the person wanting to know about an overview.