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Gadget Lust

Podcast_symbol Today I went to a presentation at my school by Apple representatives on podcasting, and ok, yeah, now I want an IPod and all the I-attachments. It seems very easy to put together an podcast, but the problem that I see with all of it is that the educational philosophy they rely on to market the idea of podcasting is completely wrong-headed for many progressive educators. They kept stressing that it makes easier and more convenient CONTENT DELIVERY, but the language alone of that phrase is so strongly rooted in the banking concept of education that I have difficulty swallowing the whole hook, line, and sinker of the podcasting wave. Okay, too many mixed water metaphors there...Anyway, I'd like to know how to adapt podcasts so that we do not solely DELIVER CONTENT. Sure, there's some content we need to deliver, but I find the term problematic.