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Coffee Table Computer

Here's an innovation that might actually take hold: a Surface_03 coffee table that is a computer! (Or is it a computer that is a coffee table?) CNN Money's article today mentions how whenever another object with a digital chip in it is placed on the tabletop, it recognizes it and displays its specs or pictures on the tabletop screen. Sure, it's a mere $10,000, but I can't wait until it ends up in Woot's Bag of Crap! (like when they threw in a 61" HDTV)


Interesting article over at Slate today: "Fiftysomething, Facebooking, and Fabulous." About a month ago, a former student of mine sent me a "friend request" on email, but I didn't even know what that was. I had started an account last fall before classes started, in order to access Facebook for a point I was making the first day about technology, and so I had an account already, but that's about it. Then when Daryl, this student, sent me a friend request, I thought "hey, why not?" After I investigated a bit further, I was startled to find that one of his favorite quotes was from ME (?!), when I apparently was in one of my word-mangling days. I guess I referred to the top two social networking sites as "Spacebook and MyFace." In retrospect, that's pretty funny. No wonder he was laughing his head off the rest of class time.

At any rate, since that fateful friend request, I now have 73 friends and I'm in 6 "groups" (some for random reasons) and have politely declined an invitation to another. I can see why a lot of my students get distracted looking at and posting on Facebook during class.