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Pleasant Nights


I guess you could count the 3 hour nap I took this afternoon a "vacation-y" thing to do, even though it's more of a Sunday thing to do. Tonight Dan and I took the dinner Dan had been making all day over to a friend's house, where we had the best ham ever, his garlic mashed potatoes, freshly picked beets, a blackberry/peach/banana salad, and his homemade chocolate chip cookies. Um-um-good! Plus, I got a wonderful neck rub, and then after we left, we drove down the road a bit in the deepening dusk, spotting four or five deer in a field, passing the peaceful Slippery Rock Creek, and taking in the fresh, cool, evening air with the moonroof open.

Stretching Summer

Yesterday, with it being the very first day of August, I vowed to do something every day in August that was SUMMERY or VACTION-LIKE, in order to stretch out the summer as much as I can. So, yesterday, I browsed around the store The Amish Buggy in Erie, like a tourist, and taught summer school (that only counts once as a summery thing--any more days of counting it turns it into a SCHOOL-LIKE thing, rather than summery thing. But I did wear Bermuda shorts to class (!) so I guess that counts.

Today, I went down to the Farmer's Market in Slippery Rock and picked up some ripe, juicy peaches, a pint of blueberries (not enough even for the two of us for a week; we have to go back and get another if we can), a plastic container (a pint?) of blackberries, and 2 ears of corn called Ecstasy. Really, they are JUST EARS of CORN. Anyway, I hope to get out later today and attend our neighbor's famous annual Pig Roast, a huge bash where the neighbors two doors down invite the entire neighborhood (everyone in Applewood Meadows), all their friends, and probably all their friends' friends. I can already hear the thump, thump of big bass speakers that they must have set up. This is one of those times when I wish I could drink beer again (not that can't, I just choose not to). It's usually a pretty good time for all and I reckon it can get a lot more crazy when you've had a few. Maybe I'll ice down a few O'Doul's just to get the flavor.......That's a good summery thing to do, too!

Okay, back to work, but meanwhile, I'll upload a few photos from earlier this summer....