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Snow day during finals week

The Sunday before Finals Week!: Okay, now there's this big push of grading, and then figuring out grades from the last things, and boom!--it'll be over! (I have far too many exclamation points for any self-respecting English teacher.) I should be posting more regularly on here for the next semester. Meanwhile, I showed up today to create a folder on which to post student projects that didn't quite make it onto their own web page, often through no fault of their own. I didn't know until Thursday afternoon that the students' webstorage accounts had to be created by request, which I then requested, and then on Friday, Dec. 11, the snow prevented most everybody from getting to campus, which shut down officially about 12:30 by my text2camupus message and by 2:00 by email. I was wiser and did so before my students had to get out and shovel.