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The infinite USB

I read/scan Gizmag pretty often, and noticed a neat little gadget that makes absolute sense, until the USBs start falling down and coming apart from the weight of them. I wonder if each one has the same power? Cool, huh?

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These are the headlines for March the 23rd, 2010.

Infinite USB proposes an elegant alternative to hubs

For anyone who has ever lamented those clunky USB hubs, there might be a far more elegant solution around the corner. Thanks to clever design student Jiang Gonglue, we might not be too far off from seeing something like this 'Infinite USB' connector, which allows an unlimited number of devices to plug into one USB port. Read More 


I'm sure you can find it on the web if you type in gizmag........


p.s.Am back to blog on a regular basis after a long hiatus.