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Wednesday Workday

168584595_629c04b602_m  By the way, that's NOT ME up there! But it's my name, at least part of it. I like her jacket, though. I wonder which Wendy Warren it is: the one who writes romance novels, the Irish newscaster, the doctor?.....there are a few of them I've encountered on Internet searches. This is actually me.Image006

Looks like I may have to post some pages to this blog for my ENGL 102 classes in Research Writing. I haven't been able to post material to my webstorage account at school, which stinks because that is how I organize my units and post material so as to reduce "my carbon footprint." Maybe it doesn't really do so, because students print out the material, but if just one student does not, then I guess I am. I like this unit the best in my classes because it's fun and follows all of my own advice from my articles and dissertation. I wish I didn't have to teach so many students (100 per semester; i.e., 4 classes/sections per semester, but considering they're all full very quickly, that must mean that I'm not a terrible professor.)