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Fall Weather and Ramblings of Pets Past

Seems like Fall is here to stay now. Last weekend was so gorgeous--our back yard trees were aflame with color, as well as all the other trees lining the backs of the houses. Looking right and left makes one realize how impossible it is to capture in photographs. Some people do, but I knew I couldn't do justice. As I sat there enjoying it, I reminisced about our wonderful cat, Tiger, whose regal pose has been on my blog page for years. I sure miss him. How long does it take until the feeling of loss dims? I should know this because of having to lose Snoopy years ago. That was even more difficult, but then again, he was alive when I had to give him up. Goggles was very hard, too. I think when our pictures are more available to me, I'll make a montage of my beloved pets. I even liked that betta! He lived so long I couldn't believe it. Every day I expected him to be belly up, but he hung in there for maybe FIVE years. Amazing! Especially when there was a curious and resourceful cat ready to put his paw into the small container.