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Thanksgiving 2011

Spent Thanksgiving break in Boston with Dan and Emily. Driving out there sure is long, though. I split it into two parts on the way out, but when I came back to Edinboro, I took a much longer way than I anticipated, forcing me not only to stop, when I might have been able to make it back in one day, but also making me get up at 5:45 a.m. Uggh! What a long day! Then I had to teach three classes today.

On Thanksgiving, we had three guests along with us three, and a wonderful spread: Turkey, of course, as the main event, and gravy, mashed potatoes, Dan's Out-of-this-World rolls, my cranberry/cherry/walnut chutney, my sweet potato casserole, and my green bean casserole, gocumwat (sp?), and pumpkin pie. I still wish I had some pumpkin pie to eat. Everything was great, and we felt like stuffed animals afterward.

Speaking of which, Dan made sure to have Gobbles on hand, and Sally (of the Sally and Pete team), but the day after Thanksgiving, I picked up Sweetest (?), the Christmas Beanie Baby counterpart to Gobbles.

I sure have a lot of grading and catching up to do, so I doubt I'll write much here before Dec. 20 when grades are due.

 Oh yes, forgot to mention we had an uninvited guest in the apartment that Tiger would have had a field day (key word there, get it?) playing with, as long as it lasted. It was still in residence when I left, though, quite hidden, but I am assured that tomorrow (or is it next Wed.?) he will get his marching papers.