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In Austin again coincidentally during SXSW also

Enjoying visiting with my elderly parents and my sweet, sweet sister in Austin. She has a new place here, and boy, is it nice!! I've told her I'd be glad to move in with her anytime she wants! It's a terrific place!!! Plus, I'll enjoy seeing Doug and Chris when they return from Calif. It's a little difficult to keep up in the airport because I walk so slow, but sometimes I ask for help from those cart people when/if I'm worried that I won't make it to my gate on time.

It is very nice to be able to live in Boston, actually, and be with my husband full time. I am learning the T system and learning how to manage carrying a variety of things without killing my shoulders or back. Also, I am getting a little more in shape as I continue going to Healthworks. It takes a long time, but sometimes I can see a difference. I just have to keep working at my goals.

We also got a new cat: Max! Pictures to come soon. (I have to fix th E button; it's sticking!).