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1 Month without Diet Coke

Well, I still think I'm going through Diet Coke withdrawal/detox, but I have at least made it this far. I invite any and all family members and friends who would to contragulate m)e to post a comment. I can use all the motivation I can get to keep it up. Laura Schocker, writing for the Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post, describes her addiction to D.C. and how she kicked it. For the last week or so, I've glanced a bit more longingly at the refrigerated Diet Cokes sitting in the vendor's booth at Back Bay, had my head turned, but not TOO long, at the aisle in Target of those 7 oz can packs, and keep thinking I need to get out and drive by McDoonald's to get my daily fix (Med. Diet Coke, please, [and lately], and banana bread), but then my new self kicks in and tells me, no, no, now, none of that for you, kiddo. It's also a little bit of a caffeine withdrawal, too, I'm sure, as much as the aspertame and taste withdrawal.

I have to remember that I CAN quit things that I want to quit, like coffee, (over 15 years ago), alcohol (same time frame), and much longer ago, cigarettes.  No matter that I wasn't an alcoholic, just enjoyed a couple of really cold beers on a hot day or a wonderful glass of wine before or with dinner. It's not a burden, really, to have kicked that, although I often glance over a wine list in a restaurant and think to myself what I might order with it, if I did drink.

Today I went to the Boston Public Library for the first time. What a place!! It's like walking into a beautiful museum. Will write more on that later.





I never thought I'd make it this far with no Diet Coke, although my subtle and not-so-subtle headaches are not making it easy for me. When the weather keeps changing like it is here in Boston, with one decent day amid rainy, dreary ones, the barometric pressure changes keep toying with my head. Once or twice I had to use my medicine to stave off a killer migraine. Thank goodness I have that. The Eatocracy blog has an interesting article by Kat Kinsman about kicking her Diet Coke habit. What surprises me is that I didn't go get TWO books on kicking Diet Coke!! ha, ha! Dan says that whenever I want to do something or am into some subject, I always get a book on it, which is partly true. Plus, he adds, whenever I get something for a project, I always get two things for it, like 2 books or 2 shirts, or something like that. It's close to being true, but not that true. 

At any rate, many thanks so far to Lauren and my Fitbook. Here's to getting to Day 21 of No Diet Coke! Just kidding! This is what my drinks sound like now, mostly.

Of semesters, American Idol, and resume makeovers

I have taught for so long and have gone to school for so long that I feel time as measured by semesters, rather than months. Dan's quarter system makes me a little confused. I have to ask him all the time when is it over or when does it start, etc., because I don't have that instinctive feel for the educational time measures in quarters. Should be easier but it's not. It's all what we've become used to. I had a special treat today--getting my CV critiqued by someone very young. It was a humbling experience to me and made me realize how much we CAN'T see in our own writing or work. When I received it, I had to agree, and now am pondering what to do next.

Well, what to do NEXT, as in the next few hours? Well, I'm going to watch American Idol! I think they should ax Phillip Phillips this week. He's just doing the same thing every time. I get really sick of seeing him squinch up his neck and face and lift up his leg a certain way and I don't think he's as good of a musician as the rest. Hollie did much better this week. I sure hope she stays, although last week I would said--Boo! Let her go!

Okay, now, I better get off of here and do some exercising. Tomorrow I go to Healthworks.