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Office Time

I wonder when I'll actually get to meet my "phantom office mate," Lorianne DiSaboto? I'm glad that these days, one can check out a person's blog and get a sense of at least one or more sides to a person's personality, but it's also a little weird that it's something we do virtually, and through the mediated space of our computers. I know I sat next to her at the retreat or maybe it was the orientation for new teachers before school started. I was trying to remember people's names, and I had remembered Lorianne's email and name, and so I was trying to remember all the newer ones. Sorry, Lorianne! I probably didn't do more than say hello that day.

Anyway, tomorrow I will finally get my ID card, also. A better time to do it would have been when everybody else did it: before classes. As usual, I had a zillion things to do/places to be, because of trying to cram everything in before Dan and I went to Tim and Suzanne's wedding at the Cape. We had to leave RIGHT after the orientation to get down there in time, so I was running around like crazy. Plus, when it was hot, it was much harder for me to do things. I'd get really tired real fast, and would have to pace myself. I attributed this to my MS, although now I am getting conflicting diagnoses of what these types of episodes might be. Soon, I will get a second opinion, but meanwhile, I'll also concentrate on taking better care of myself overall. I don't know why that is sometimes so hard to do, but it is.

Walking around Framingham State campus certainly gives me a workout, especially since there are so few places to park. It's a beautiful campus, even if it is quite hilly. My office window is huge, letting in a lot of pleasant light, and looks out onto the main building areas, even though it is in the basement of one of the buildings.