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MIT job

Having just started my job analyzing data for Story Workbench, I realize once again how humbling it is to begin a new job and have to feel your way around, so to speak. As I wrap my mind around the new concepts, some of which I know about, some of which I have to learn about in a new context, I can almost feel my neurons bending and stretching with the effort of learning. It's good, though. I felt better Friday night after having reviewed some things about what I needed to do differently.  I felt like I was "getting it" a little better, finally. I knew I could, but it's all vaguely familiar things but within an entirely new context. The "discourse community" of knowledge in which I have to read some background to get the material down in my head better is so different from the humanities-like writing I'm used to. This scholarship comes from analytical thinkers with a computer background, who skip many steps in explaining things. Luckily, I can usually grasp the concepts after a while. I think I make it harder than it is. Thank you, Mark Finlayson in selecting me for your team. Thank you, Jared Sprague, for being so patient with me in this training phase.

(And thank you, God, for giving me this job! :)  yay!)