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Dog Days of August are Better with a Pool!

It's been so hot lately that it certainly FEELS like "dog days." It's a good thing that I live in an apartment complex that has a swimming pool! In fact, these days, I am no longer a Massachusetts resident, but a Pennsylvania one (again); we moved here--at least 3/4 of our stuff--in late May, and then the other 1/4 of it in mid-June.  As much I loved Boston, and I still do, it's great to be able to see Nick and Ally more often and Emily and little Zander.

I've been amused and appalled at the debaucle of Trump as presidential candidate these past months. This week tops all previous weeks so far in absurdity, but I must say that headline writers everywhere are no doubt having a field day with all the things Trump or his minions is saying or doing., in particular, had the best/funniest ones I've seen so far.

Meanwhile, I've been researching how to build a swimming pool, which types are better, which are more expensive, and so forth. It's kind of fascinating. Plus, I'm going to make the best of being able to use the pool I can while I can! Especially before the next term starts, but even then, I'll continue. What do you all think of these different types of pools?

Pool  Smallpool1 Simple Sloped-backyard-pool-ideas-7Backyardpool Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Swimming-Pool-Design-Homesthetics-15 Pool lounges Heartpool