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Looking Back at June, Ahead to July . . .

So, it's been slightly more than six months since we've been here in Erie, and my head has almost stopped spinning from all the changes in the past two years. And to think I originally moved to this area in the first place 29 years ago because I wanted my life to have fewer changes! 

Oh well, many have been good--marrying my wonderful husband Dan at the top of the list! We'll be celebrating our 21st anniversary this year on the 4th with our usual fireworks display ;-)  even though everyone always thinks it's for the fourth of July.  WW Writing Services is getting busier by the day, what with Thumbtack and LinkedIn ProFinder among the various places people find out about my consulting services. Here's the logo I'm using for it.WW Writing Services

Might not be the most elegant one, but it'll do for now. 

LinkedIn's ProFinder sent me 75 referrals in the past WEEK alone!! I just caught up with responding to all of them today! Also discovered that I seem to have two Skype accounts (so that means two separate Microsoft accounts as well): wwaustin and drwendywarrenaustin, and the latter seems more tightly connected to my original Microsoft account and hotmail email address, so it seems to work better, although I had used that one (originally) exclusively for my SNHU students. It looks like I might be teaching again this fall also, so that's not a bad thing that I still have that account. Next post on the blog I'll have some miniature resume samples to display.