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11 weeks and counting

Bonus Points and CCCC

When I was talking with one of my students about bonus point possibilities, which I have encouraged them to suggest, she mentioned giving bonus points for comments on my husband's blog, Time and Place (at I gave it some thought, and although I'm not sure I'll add that possibility to the list that's growing, I'll incorporate her own suggestion for comments that students make on an online discussion board that I can post on the Blackboard site. That's reasonable and relevant and enhances their thinking about the work they're doing. 

That got me to thinking about whether I ought to consider comments to my own blog entries, plus, it might motivate me to post entries more often. I have been so sporadic about posting entries on here, but I should get back into the habit of making regular and more thematic ones (i.e., based on a certain type of theme). The only problem is: my so-called "themes" keep changing! 

This week my topic is "GETTING READY FOR CCCC (pronounced "four seas" by those who are not in the composition field, or rather, "4 Cs"). I'm excited about this year's conference, but I hope I have enough stamina to log all those walking miles that inevitably lie ahead.