My Sister's Visit and Idyllic Summer Days in Erie

Less than 7 weeks to go (44 days or thereabouts)

We got our Chinese Visas this morning! Pretty exciting! Plus, I've been receiving more email from the department at Wenzhou-Kean. More momentously, though, I've been working hard at clearing out this yellow room where I've been working for a year and a half. I'm not a hoarder, but I do tend to keep things more than I should, and I have more than enough books for one person. I wish I could just digitize everything and email it over there! I will just keep at it. Meanwhile, I've charted a course of research that I would like to pursue, even though my job description doesn't really require research. I intend to stay on the forefront of research and knowledge about intellectual property in composition studies, particularly the work on plagiarism, copyright, and related ideas. I was excited to locate my IP books in the garage; I had mislaid the box of them since we left Boston, and then everything just went into the moving truck and into our garage, all mixed in with everything we had been storing for the past 6-7 years in Slippery Rock. 

Every day or two I have been looking at the news in or from Wenzhou, and Dan works hard on reviewing his Chinese. I have picked up a few phrases already, and recognize a bit more, and I was delighted/tickled to find out how to pronounce my name in Chinese:

In simplified characters:    温迪  沃伦  奥斯汀

In traditional characters:   
溫迪 沃倫 奧斯汀
In pinyin:                             Wēn dí wò lún àosītīng
It sounds a little like  "WUN-dee   WO-lun   AU-us-uh-TING!" Sort of close .....LOL!