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My Sister's Visit and Idyllic Summer Days in Erie

     My dear sister Deede and her husband Les have just departed from our house after a wonderful visit of 4 and a half days with us, and, as I always tend to feel after a visit with my family members, I'm a bit melancholy, nostalgic, and a bit disjointed-feeling, but supremely grateful for the time we've shared. They arrived on Thursday afternoon, and Deede and I went to Urbaniak's to get ingredients for the lasagna I was making that day and picked up at Top's the new Erie Reader that had just come out that day. I'm always delighted to see what Nick has on the front page that issue and glad to be in the same town where it's published. Emily and Zander joined us for dinner, and Zander's sweet question,"Is my Campa here?" delighted us, as he ran joyfully into Dan's arms as soon as he spotted him. Apparently, he likes my lasagna, so that's a good thing. The next day we drove around Presque Isle, stopped at the lighthouse, and took the scenic route along Route 5 to spot the random beach locations along the way into New York, along with acres and acres of vineyards. After we returned, Nick came over to join us in singing "Happy Birthday" to Deede and making her blow out the candles on her surprise birthday cake. On Saturday we went to see a play, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" put on by Dramashop, which was terrific! Then for Sunday we had Spaghetti Bolognese (made with venison and panchetta) and sauteed spinach from our garden. Later that night, we all watched a couple of movies on TCM (Turner Classic Movies), No Down Payment  and All That Heaven Allows and then several episodes of Good Behavior from Amazon. Octagonal-barn-concord-grape-vineyards-north-east-lake-erie-erie-county-AN0MNP (1)